Verdun-sur-Garonne.  Children and hunters went hunting for trash

Verdun-sur-Garonne. Children and hunters went hunting for trash

Friday the 15th, from sunrise or almost! Children, teachers, volunteers, companions and hunters gathered in the presence of Sophie Lavédrine, 1st Deputy Mayor and Yasmina Boumlil, deputy children and young people to launch the great spring cleaning of the banks of the Garonne, led by the hunters. Thierry Cabanes, departmental president of the hunting federation, was present to start the day, together with Mathieu Lamouroux, municipal president and numerous hunters, who had been mobilized for two days and were accompanied by members of the local fishing association.

80 m3 of waste collected

Dressed in orange vests, equipped with gloves and large waste bags provided by the National Hunting Federation, around 200 students from the Dareysses school left in nine groups to different locations in the Garonne to respond to the request. national hunting federation: “I love clean nature”, illustrated on posters and leaflets by a beautiful dog bringing back its prey… a plastic bottle. They raked the lawns, the bushes, the tree roots, the ditches… from the bottom of the ramparts to the Breille via the city park and crossed the river to also clean the right bank. During the afternoon, 50 students from Beaumont-de-Lomagne responded to the hunters’ call and continued cleaning in other areas further towards Granada and Nolet Castle. And plastic, the unarmed hunters brought back whole bags and many other objects were collected such as tires, refrigerators or washing machines that were thrown into the river and then deposited near the water on the banks. The hunters had also collected a large part of it the day before during a first day of action.

Nearly eighty cubic meters of various waste collected. Each participating child received a waste hunter diploma, a ‘zero waste mission’ booklet, stickers, 7 family games, etc. There were even pocket ashtrays… for adults of course.

Mr Lamouroux is satisfied: “it was a busy day, everything went well, the participants, both teachers and children, were happy with their action and the results, and moreover the weather was ideal. During this bourgeoisie, three large containers were filled. operation.

Several associative or institutional partners supported this operation, which continued over the next two days in other parts of the Garonne.

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