Environment: twenty young elected officials on the edge of biodiversity

Environment: twenty young elected officials on the edge of biodiversity

About twenty young elected officials from Saint-Orens-de-Gameville (31) took part in the planting of a hedge near the city’s skate park, together with their elders and fighters from the departmental federation.

In a collective and committed approach to the conservation of biodiversity, twenty young elected officials from the Municipal Youth Council (CMJ) and the Municipal Children’s Council (CME) of Saint-Orens-de-Gameville, south of Toulouse, have joined forces in the battle City and the Departmental Federation of Hunters of Haute-Garonne (FDC 31) to plant a hedge near the skate park. This initiative fits in with the desire to promote ecological and natural solutions to protect the environment and improve the living environment.

Numerous reports and scientific publications today mention the disappearance of hedges as a major cause of the disappearance of small fauna and biodiversity. This hedge, consisting of 70 plants of local species, offered by the FDC 31 and the Green Spaces Service of the city, is part of the national Sensibilis’haie project. It aims to restore biodiversity, reduce global warming, protect soil, limit erosion and provide a refuge for local wildlife.

Alain Villard, president of the Saint-Orens hunting association, recalled during the planting that “humanity owes much to nature in our present and for your future”, and therefore emphasized the importance of such actions for the future. Planting the hedge was an opportunity for the young participants to become aware of the importance of biodiversity and put their plant knowledge into practice. They were supervised by the city’s green department. By leaving home with a plant, each participant pledged to continue these efforts to protect nature.

This hedge is just the first step

Drawing up a monitoring protocol by the environmental service will make it possible to measure the positive impact of the hedge on the environment. The growth rate of the plants, the presence of fauna and the interactions between species are closely monitored.

The skate park hedge is just the first step. The young elected officials of the CMJ and the CME, supported by the city, plan to continue their commitment to protecting biodiversity. They already have plans to furnish the skate park with recycled furniture and replant fruit trees. This exemplary initiative demonstrates the commitment of younger generations to environmental protection and their desire to actively contribute to building a sustainable future.

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