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Google Bard: the most powerful version is coming, but it will cost money

Like ChatGPT Plus, Google will soon launch a paid version of its Bard chatbot. Several clues also suggest it will be included in a Google One subscription. Here’s what we know at this point.

Google wants to take advantage of Bard to generate some revenue. The company wants to monetize its chatbot and does not plan to embellish it with advertisements like on its various services. The web giant plans to launch a paid version, following the example of OpenAI and ChatGPT Plus.

“I think that with the work on AI, subscription models are also possible”, Sundar Pichai stated at the end of October about the possible arrival of a paid subscription for Bard. Expectedly in early 2024, Bard Advanced should rely on Gemimi Ultra, the most complete and efficient version of the new model.

Bard Advanced would be included in a Google One subscription

By searching the source code of the official site, a user has just discovered some convincing clues about this future subscription. “Enjoy a better language model with advanced math and reasoning skills with Bard Advanced offered for 3 months”, we can mainly read. After this test period, it is of course necessary to warm up the credit card.

In this regard, a link in the code suggests that the paid version of Bard would be linked to Google One. As a reminder, this name refers to subscriptions that give access to more cloud storage space and various features (VPN, photo editing tools, dark web monitoring, etc.).

We can only guess, but in all likelihood, Google plans to integrate Bard Advanced into certain Google One plans (certainly the most expensive). It is also possible that a new subscription level is created specifically for the supercharged chatbot. Or that the latter is offered as a paid option after the three months offered.

Either way, Google’s goal seems clear: push users toward Google One thanks to the appeal of the advanced version of its Bard chatbot. We should know for sure very soon. Google has confirmed that it is currently testing its new chatbot with a small group of people (which could explain the appearance of references to Google One in the site’s code).

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