Teachers not replaced: irritated parents publish a vacancy on Facebook

Teachers not replaced: irritated parents publish a vacancy on Facebook

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– Teachers absent since November at a school in Marseille.

Amid the controversy over the schooling of Amélie Oudéa-Castéra’s children in the private Stanislas establishment, the new Minister of National Education seems to find voices that agree with her comments. The former general manager of the French Tennis Federation (FFT) had explained that she had taken her children out of school at Littré public school after teacher absence. A statement that has been controversial for several days and is contradicted by certain teachers elsewhere, but in certain public schools the absence of teachers is very real.

France 3 Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur reported this on Monday, January 15, about a college in Marseille. So much so that the parents, so exhausted, had to resort to publishing an advertisement on social networks in an attempt to recruit a teacher. Because in the College of the King of Spain (9th arrondissement of Marseille) there is none no more French teachers since November. In agreement with the head of the establishment, and although this is normally the responsibility of the academy, they therefore published an announcement on Facebook (the MPE13 page) entitled “Students from Marseille are looking for two French teachers (20H + 9H)”.

📢URGENT teachers needed!! Nothing changes… the years go by and look the same and it’s depressing!! 😭😭

Posted by MPE13 on Saturday January 13, 2024

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Other colleges in Marseille where teachers are absent

It is about two fixed-term functions with a contractual statusfrom 8 p.m. and 9 a.m “There is an urgent need for teachers. Nothing changes… the years go by and look the same and it’s depressing!!”, write the parents in comments. This anger of the parents of the Roy d’Espagne College is shared by other parents in the comments below the publication, where a mother explains that in four years “we are eleven weeks without history-geography, ten weeks without French, eight weeks without gym and seven weeks without Latin”. A situation that becomes “unbearable” according to her.

Same story of a mother from another university who reminds us that she is a French teacher “has not been replaced since the All Saints Holiday”. To recall, the day after her appointment, the Minister of National Education, Sports and the Olympics was singled out for withdrawing her children from public school. To justify herself she then said: “We were fed up, just like hundreds of thousands of families”. She had talked about it “hour packages that have not been seriously replaced”. An exit that made the unions jump recalling that 7,900 teaching positions had been eliminated during Emmanuel Macron’s first term. A call for a strike was also launched in early February.

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